How to Study For Essay Exams in College

The importance of acquiring and maintaining effective study habits is beneficial to your educational career as well as your future working career. Studying is different for everybody, some people like music some people don’t, some people keep the T.V. on some people don’t. Your ability to focus with or without background noise is a crucial aspect to discover before embarking on any studying project.

Preparation of your study area is a key aspect of accomplishing your study goals. Assemble all of the research materials, books, and your computer if needed, it never hurts to have too many sources to get data from. It is necessary to have all these materials at hand to eliminate time consuming trips to the bookshelf, library, or bookstore. It is also a good idea to keep several pens, pencils, highlighters, and notebooks available for all your note taking and writing needs. Having a few different colors of pens and highlighters, allows you to record separate types of information for different uses.

Now that you have your area and supplies the way you want them. Start to break down, the total project, book, or information you are going to study. Create general categories to input your notes, based on what your needs for the information are. If your categories are too general, add some sub categories for each section. If studying an entire book, make your categories and subcategories follow along with the table of contents of the book, this allows you to go back relatively easily and check your information or add to it. When other information needs to be studied about the same topic, just leave extra room for notes in your already organized sections, with some sort of delineation so you know the information is from another source.

One way to effectively study is read over the material quickly, then go back and reread it slower and take notes, this makes the information easier to retain mentally and allows for a quicker grasp of the content. Only attempt to study in areas where you will be guaranteed some time to focus on the material. So remember, preparation, organization, read, reread, and take notes. This will help you gain and grasp the concept and knowledge of whatever you are studying.