Online Tutoring Jobs

Nowaday, there are many opportunities for working from home, and one of the most overlooked is online tutor jobs. Tutoring via the internet is not for everyone. Patience and education play a vital part in this profession.Online tutoring jobs can be very versatile, and tailored to suit both tutor and learner. You may have the freedom to decide how you want to structure your tutoring jobs, either opting for a particular model as standard, or using different methods and approaches for different learners. Many people considering taking on online tutoring jobs think primarily about one-to-one tutoring, but group tutoring is also an option for some learners, in some subjects.

When One-to-One Is Best

For some tutoring jobs, one-to-one tutoring is the ideal. If personalized, individual attention is what is needed, that is how it should be done. Catch-up tutoring and helping learners with learning difficulties are two scenarios in which one-on-one sessions are key. Learners with attention or concentration difficulties, and those who find it difficult to relate to teachers or other authority figures, may also benefit from individual tutoring. Sometimes, even when group learning is possible, and even desirable, the student (or parent) will prefer individual attention. In your tutoring jobs you sometimes just have to go with it, even if there are other options.

Group Tutoring

There are various situations in which online tutoring of more than one learner is both possible and even desirable. Homework supervision is one example. It may be viable if the clients are a family where there is more than one child. Some learners (adult or child) will enjoy online tutoring where they are not the only participant. Two people can get together in one or other of the parties’ homes and learn jointly. Joint sessions can work especially well with adults studying the same subject, since they are less likely to be distracted by each other’s presence (or to join forces in work avoidance).

There are some practical subjects where teaching more than one student at a time can compensate for the fact that you, the tutor, are not present in the room. If you are teaching chess (for example) you could use a chess program. Equally you could teach two learners, who play against each other while you observe and advise. It all depends on the subject.

The benefits of collaborative online learning have been the subject of numerous studies. Sometimes tutoring more than one student (using videoconferencing software) can have beneficial effects, since learners can learn from each other as well as from the tutor. If you want to use this approach in your tutoring jobs you will need to think it through carefully, as well as experimenting with the technology.

Financial implications

Tutoring more than one learner can be cost-effective for you and for your students. If you charge $25 for a solo session (for argument’s sake), you can charge $15 per person for a two-hander. They save, with minimal reduction in input, and your profit is a little higher – though that shouldn’t be the main reason for including group tutoring in your tutoring jobs.

If you’re on top of videoconferencing software you can always use it now and then in your online tutoring jobs. You can give individual tuition but occasionally have a group session. That can add interest for learners who might otherwise feel that they’re working in isolation. Online learning is all about maximizing the opportunities that the internet offers you in your tutoring jobs for the benefit of your students. Group teaching and collaborative learning are two things to consider, as well as offering dedicated individual tuition.

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Higher Order Thinking – The Important Skill for Student

Encouraging students to use critical thinking is more than an extension activity in science and math lessons, it is the basis of true learning.When it is difficult for psychology teachers to improve the higher order thinking skills of their students, they may call upon the services of an independent, online consulting provider. These firms specialize in helping educators create explanatory modeling activities that will help their students to develop and refine their scientific reasoning abilities. The actions will also improve the kids’ higher order thinking.

Psychology is all about critical thinking, evaluating situations, conducting mental experiments, and writing psychological research papers. If the students fail in any of these aspects, it can sometimes be because they were not fully prepared, or the teacher overlooked the students’ inability to think properly.

Higher order thinking activities can help a student with:

– Solving problems
– Thinking more creatively
– Being more critical
– Making better decisions
– Generating new and innovative ideas
– Analyzing information
– Planning for their future

To encourage creative and higher order thinking, teachers can apply exercises and activities in the following fields:

– Evaluation – Students will have to justify the decisions or course of action they took in a certain matter. They will need to explain, and be critical.
– Creativity – They will have to be able to generate, invent, and design new ideas and products. How did they plan? What triggered the idea?
– Analysis – Dividing the information into parts is vital in psychology to understand all aspects of a problem or relationship. After thorough investigation and interrogation, thoughts have to be compared and organized.
– Application – Solutions will have to be implemented, carried out or executed.
– Recollection – It is important to recall information, recognize similarities, and apply possible solutions. The more knowledge can be applied, the more aggressive the students will be in their higher order thinking abilities.

GLN Consulting was founded in 2003 by Dr. George L. Newsome, III to provide psychology teachers with a convenient and inexpensive source of advice and guidance on how to promote their students’ use of higher-order thinking skills. That year, the first interactive web site was constructed and service packages were developed. Since that time, the explanatory modeling tasks and recommended strategies contained in these service packages have been continually refined on the basis of client feedback and ongoing research by GLN Consulting.