How To Study Effectively

People acquire knowledge by reading writing and organizing. People have their own way of studying, and no two people study the same way. In spite of different methods people used to study, all students may follow certain basic guidelines to help them study effectively. Every student possesses thinking skills, but not all students utilize them effectively. These skills cannot be learned; rather, they have to be developed. People who think well rarely see any difficulties, while others just see dead ends. It is wise for students to ask themselves questions that are related to the subject while reading to develop these skills or habits. By interacting with good thinkers, there are possibilities for students to exchange creative ideas that will help them while studying.

A proven method that helps enhance students to study effectively is the SQ3R method. This abbreviation stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. By surveying, students get a fair idea of the overall picture before studying in detail. Students get to know the topics they will be dealing with in the near future. It is advisable for students to ask themselves relevant questions while learning. By asking themselves questions regarding important points of the lesson students are able to study more effectively. They are able to retain matter easily and this also helps to retain better while studying.

Another important step towards effective studying is reading. Reading simply does not mean just glancing through the book. When students read they should also be able to answer questions. It is recommended that they should also go through the points that are in bold or in italics. While studying it is wise for students to recite. While reciting students need to stop reading periodically and this helps student to recall whatever they read earlier. Reviewing is another important aspect for students as it proves to be a survey of what the students have covered. If students follow methods that help them study effectively it helps them enhance their performance and makes them good thinkers.