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All Elementary Mathematics
Web high mathematical school. All sections of curriculum of elementary mathematics. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry,
functions and graphs, analysis.
Daily Jolt
offers message boards, as well as local event, food, and transportation information for several universities.
hosts services that provide networked information, data, and software to the education community.
web portal technology featuring virtual classroom communication and course management tools for students, professors, administration, and alumni.
electronic mailing list service for research in higher education, enabling groups to manage their own discussion topics and associated files.
Study in Canada
promotes and markets Canada as a study destination for foreign students. Explains visas, e-learning, Canadian educational system, costs, and school search. Also in Arabic.
The Collegiate Way
Discusses the benefits of dividing large universities into small residential colleges.
The Irascible Professor
Personal commentary on the successes, failures, and foibles of the American education establishment.
University Business
shows presidents, provosts, and other high-level officers how to apply business strategies while remaining committed to the mission of higher education.
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